Write To Your Government Representatives

We encourage you to write to your Government Representatives to bring this issue to their attention.


  1. Simply click on your country below to access contact details for your region.
  2. Compose an email   (see below for recommended points to include)
  3. Send your letter
  4. Follow up to check your letter has been received.

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Recommended points to include in your letter

Urge them to..

  1. Advocate for an international investigation into organ transplant abuse in China.
  2. Condemn organ transplant abuse in China through moving a motion endorsing a resolution similar to HRes 343 and the European Parliament Resolution (2013)
  3. Propose visa requirements that ban entry into the country of those complicit in organ transplant abuse.
  4. Request a system of compulsory reporting for transplant tourism.
  5. Introduce extra territorial legislation penalizing complicity in organ transplant abuse.
  6. Ask the Government to sign on to the Council of Europe treaty on organ trafficking.



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