Who we are

The International Coalition to End Organ Pillaging in China is a coalition of lawyers, medical professionals and human rights advocates dedicated to ending organ trafficking in and from China. The Coalition is committed to highlighting the human rights abuses committed in China and to bringing these issues to the attention of the public and policy makers.

Governments should enact measures to criminalize the purchase of trafficked organs at home or abroad. They could also require reporting of ‘organ tourism’, ban entry of those involved in trafficking organs, and prohibit their pharmaceutical companies from doing transplant field tests and clinical trials in China.

Responsible business people should reduce trade and investment in China until its government ceases organ trafficking. As Beijing has also directed all of its embassies to spread hatred and false information against Falun Gong, how can anyone continue to do business as usual? In so doing, they are financing and nurturing a party-state, which pillages organs from its citizens for commercial purposes.


Standing for human dignity here would in all likelihood not cost a country trade or other business with China. Consider Norway, the Czech Republic and Canada. When Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, the government of Norway received considerable pressure from the embassy of China in Oslo, yet the award was made and nothing appears to have resulted to harm the economy of Norway.

Similar threats were made to the late Vaclev Havel when he invited the Dalai Lama to Prague, but His Holiness came and nothing harmful resulted. Prime Minister Harper received a lot of threats from Beijing when he said he would not let the “almighty dollar” determine his government’s China policy. Bombardier announced its biggest deal ever in China at about the same time that the threats were coming from China’s party -state. I think a number of party bosses respect democratic nation leaders who stand for human dignity.

Many of us and beyond China ought to be having a greater impact on this grave matter, not only because it is necessary to protect thousands of innocent people from being killed, but also because it is good for China and the international community as a whole. We all want a China that enjoys the rule of law, dignity for all and democratic governance.