South Korean TV Documentary Confirms Organ Harvesting Still Occurring in China (v4)

A recent documentary produced by South Korean TV Chosun that aired in November 2017 explores ethical dilemmas facing Koreans regarding organ transplantation. The film explains that only ten percent of the 32,000 Koreans currently waiting for organs will ever receive them. As South Korea has low voluntary organ donation rates, many Koreans choose to forgo the five year wait for a kidney transplant and instead, take advantage of the easy access to and short wait times for organs in Chinese hospitals.

The “Investigative Report 7” team traveled to an unnamed hospital in Tianjin, China with the medical documents of a Korean man in need of a kidney to inquire about obtaining an organ for him. With hidden cameras they interviewed the head nurse and an elderly Korean patient who was recovering from a recent transplant operation.

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Join an elite panel of experts as they discuss in depth the Chinese regime’s killing of prisoners of conscience to supply its vast, lucrative organ transplantation industry.

Episode One: Investigations & Reports
Episode Two: Victims & Numbers
Episode Three: Suppression by the CCP
Episode Four: Legislation & Advocacy


IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE: Governments killing their own citizens for their political or spiritual beliefs. But it’s never happened like this.
It’s happened so often that the world doesn’t always pay attention. But is economic influence the reason, that this time, it’s going largely unreported?
A new PBS documentary examines claims that China collects organs from live and dead prisoners to traffic on its massive black market.

China now performs the most organ transplants in the world yet has few voluntary donors. While the government has admitted to harvesting organs from death row prisoners, they account for a tiny fraction of transplants performed in the country. Based on a decade of research, this documentary uncovers the true source of these organs: an ongoing crime against humanity with an estimated tens of thousands of innocent victims each year.

Nobel Peace Prize nominees David Matas and David Kilgour investigate the organ trade in China and uncover one of the world’s worst crimes against humanity. Their evidence suggests that tens of thousands of innocent people have been killed on demand to supply an ongoing illegal organ transplant industry.

As a doctor, Zhiyuan Wang spent 30 years studying how to save lives. He never imagined that he would spend another 10 years investigating how Chinese doctors take innocent lives. 95% of his evidence comes directly from China. His sources are Chinese doctors, judges, legislators, military officials, government officials, the media, and hospital websites. His research reveals that China’s hospitals, judiciary, and military worked together to mercilessly slaughter millions through the harvesting of organs.

A film about a man with kidney failure who decides to go to China for an kidney transplant. Based on allegations that have surfaced that disappearing practitioners of Falun Gong are being killed for their organs which are sold for large sums mostly to foreign transplant tourists. 62,000 of these peaceful practitioners were murdered in hospitals across China for their lucrative body parts during the period 2000-2008.

Filmmaker Masha Savitz zeroes in on the efforts of the Nobel Prize nominee David Matas, who wrote the book ‘Bloody Harvest: The Killing of Falun Gong.’ Featuring interviews with Matas, David Kilgour, victims of the Falun Gong persecution and several doctors who share chilling transplant testimonies, as well as a filmmaker whose film on the topic was effectively quashed by the CCP in Canada, Europe, and the US, Red Reign makes a stunning case.

KILLED FOR ORGANS: China’s Secret State Transplant Business” is a new documentary about the unethical organ harvesting practices in China. It raises again questions on the practice itself as well as what the world will do about it.
For the past years, medical doctors have been among the front runners in calling for an end of this unethical practice.

Bound by a common conviction, the fates of a woman living in Beijing and a man living in New York become inextricably linked in a story of courage and freedom.
The award winning “Free China: The Courage To Believe” tells the true story of a mother and former Communist Party member, Jennifer Zeng, who along with more than 70 Million Chinese were practicing a belief that combined Buddhism and Daoism until the Chinese Government outlawed it.