BY DAVID MATAS Remarks prepared for delivery at the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP), 7 September 2017, Geneva, Switzerland Research that I and other have done has led to the conclusion that China has been involved in widespread, prolonged high volume organ transplant abuse which continues to this day. The sources of…


BY ETHAN GUTMANN A briefing via Skype at Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra. While I appreciate your invitation, listening to anyone on Skype can be tedious, so I’ll be brief. Three years ago, I gave testimony in Canberra on how the forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience evolved from a handful of Uyghur political…


Enver Tohti Bughda is a Chinese surgeon who performed an organ harvesting operation in the 1990s gave evidence to the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Defence – Houses of Orieachtas, Dublin, Ireland. (scroll down to view video footage of the testimony) Ladies and gentlemen: Thank you very much for this opportunity to…


Excerpts relating to organ harvesting in China: Huang Jiefu, a senior Chinese health official, announced in late 2014 that harvesting organs from executed prisoners would completely cease on January 1, 2015, but he later characterized death row prisoners as citizens who were eligible to give consent to organ donation. In November 2015, Huang again affirmed the…


BY DAVID MATAS Presentation to the European Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy, 5 July, 2016, Brighton UK This conference raises the questions, “what is justice and why do we seek it?” The answers to these questions depend on context. In determining what constitutes justice, one size does not fit all. I approach these questions…


NOTES FOR REMARKS ON NEW UPDATE ON ‘BLOODY HARVEST’ AND ‘THE SLAUGHTER’ Hon. David Kilgour, J.D. European Parliament, Brussels 29 June, 2016 For at least 15 years across China, there has been regime-sanctioned pillaging and trafficking in the vital organs of prisoners of conscience—overwhelmingly from practitioners of Falun Gong, but also Tibetans, Uyghurs and house…


BY ETHAN GUTMANN, AUTHOR OF THE SLAUGHTER Committee on Foreign Affairs Hearing: Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations, and the Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats 2:00 pm, June 23, 2016 in Room 2200, Rayburn House Office Building: “Organ Harvesting: An Examination of a Brutal Practice” ► WATCH WEBCAST…

THE PARTY’S TESTING GROUND: Recent Trends in Chinese Organ Harvesting of Prisoners of Conscience

BY ETHAN GUTMANN “Uyghur Struggle for Human Rights” Conference. European Parliament, Brussels, October 22, 2015 My objective today is to present some important new evidence about state-controlled organ harvesting of political and religious dissidents in China. I’ll begin with a brief review of what we know. Then, I’ll contrast that with how the Chinese Communist…

Hearing at National Assembly for Wales

“One thing that Wales can do is say to its own transplant professionals: No contact with Chinese transplant professionals. Say to Chinese transplant professionals: No access to Welsh transplant professionals until there is acknowledgement, not just accountability in the future, but accountability of the past.” – David Matas Photo: David Kilgour, Ethan Gutmann & David…

Disclosure in China of the killing of Falun Gong for their organs

by David Matas

UK Parliament briefing session 25 November, 2014 / Welsh National Assembly briefing November 26, 2014 / Photo by Roger Luo

I have been asked to address new developments on the killing of Falun Gong for their organs. As time goes by and organ transplant abuse in China continues, the pace of new developments accelerates. Given the time I have, I will mention only one new development, the officially sanctioned disclosure in China, two weeks ago, of evidence of organ transplant abuse.

Official access in China to evidence of Chinese organ transplant abuse happened once before, at the time of the power struggle between the then Chongqing mayor Bo Xilai and then Premier Wen Jiabao factions within the Communist Party. The attempted defection of Bo Xilai henchman Wang Lijun in February 2012 to the American consulate in Chengdu and the scramble between Bo Xilai and President Hu Jintao to get Wang Lijun back led to a temporary lifting, in March 2012, of the Chinese internet blockage of work that David Kilgour and I had done showing that Falun Gong were being killed for their organs.

The Protocol on Trafficking in Persons and Transplant Tourism

by David Matas
Prepared for a side event to the Conference of States Parties, Vienna, Austria.
Does the Protocol on Trafficking in Persons of the Convention on Transnational Organized Crime encompass transplant tourism?  That is a question I want to address.  My answer to that question is yes.  Getting to that answer though takes some explaining.
I should state up front that, though this question is general, I approach it from quite a particular perspective.  I wrote a report with David Kilgour in June 2006 which concluded that prisoners of conscience in China, practitioners of the spiritually based set of exercises Falun Gong, were being killed for their organs which were being sold at high prices to transplant patients, mostly transplant tourists.  We produced a second version in of our report in January 2007 and a third version in book form under the title Bloody Harvest in November 2009.   Our report prompted the founding of a non-governmental organization Doctors against Forced Organ Harvesting or DAFOH.  I and Dr. Torsten Trey, the founder of DAFOH, co-edited a book of essays on organ transplant abuse in China published in August 2012 under the name State Organs. Ethan Gutmann, in research with Jaya Gibson, announced in June 2010, and, in a book titled The Slaughter published in August 2014, wrote that the killing of innocents for their organs had spread from Falun Gong to Tibetans, Eastern Lightning house Christians and Uighurs.

Ethical Standards and Chinese Organ Transplant Abuse


Chamber of Deputies, Rome, Italy

I wrote a report with David Kilgour in June 2006 which concluded that prisoners of conscience in China, practitioners of the spiritually based set of exercises Falun Gong, were being killed for their organs which were being sold at high prices to transplant patients. We produced a second version in of our report in January 2007 and a third version in book form under the title Bloody Harvest in November 2009.   Our report prompted the founding of a non-governmental organization Doctors against Forced Organ Harvesting or DAFOH. I and Dr. Torsten Trey, the founder of DAFOH, co-edited a book of essays on organ transplant abuse in China published in August 2012 under the name State Organs.

Going through all relevant evidence to come to an informed conclusion on the killing of Falun Gong for their organs is a time consuming task and it is unrealistic to expect everyone interested in the issue to do that. That does not mean though that those who have neither the time nor inclination to engage in this work should to nothing.

Mr Engel Opening Statement on H.Res. 281at Full Committee Markup

By National Journal

WASHINGTON, DC-Representative Eliot L. Engel, the leading Democrat on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, today delivered the following remarks at a full Committee markup of a resolution expressing concern over reports of state-sanctioned organ harvesting in China (H.Res. 281).

“Chairman, thank you for holding this important markup…”
“I also support H.Res. 281, introduced by my friend Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and the Royce amendment to that resolution.  This measure shines a light on disturbing allegations that China has engaged inorgan harvesting from prisoners, including Falun Gong practitioners and ethnic Uighurs.
“Forced organ harvesting is an unconscionable violation of human rights. The targeting of individuals based on their faith or ethnicity is equally deplorable and must not be tolerated.

Update and next steps: The killing of Falun Gong for their organs

Revised remarks to the European Economic and Social Committee
19 March 2014, Brussels, Belgium
by David Matas

I want in this talk to cover three topics: the evidence on the killing of Falun Gong for their organs; recent developments and next steps to combat organ transplant abuse in China.


I am a lawyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in private practice. My clients are primarily refugee claimants seeking protection in Canada. I have been engaged in this professional work for almost all of my professional career.

Because my clients flee human rights violations, I have become familiar through my work with the human rights situation in many countries, including China. I try, as best I can, not only to assist my clients in obtaining protection, but also to combat the human rights violations which caused them to flee. In addition to tribunal and court work for individual clients, I have become involved in research, writing, advocacy and activism in the broader human rights scene.

Issue of China’s Forced Organ Harvesting from Falun Gong Raised at UNHRC

By Omid Ghoreishi, Epoch Times | March 31, 2014

The Chinese regime’s macabre practice of killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs was raised before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva recently by the Vancouver-based Lawyer’s Rights Watch Canada.

Speaking at a session reviewing the UNHRC’s report on China’s human rights record, Vani Selvarajah of Lawyer’s Rights Watch Canada reiterated a recent European Parliament resolution demanding an immediate end to the forced harvesting of organs from prisoners of conscience in China, “mainly Falun Gong practitioners.”

European Committee Blasts Forced Organ Harvesting in China

NTDTV – Mar 22, 2014

A high profile conference was held in Brussels on Tuesday for the representatives of the civil society, European Parliament, NGOs, doctors and lawyers on organ harvesting in China.
“Scandalous and unacceptable” — that is what the European Social and Economic Committee is calling the practice of organ harvesting from live prisoners of conscince in China.

[Henri Malosse, President of EESC]:
“It is really scandalous what’s happened and unfortunately is still happening in China with authorities authorizing the harvesting, stealing of organs from prisoners, people coming from minorities, from executed persons to be sold to foreigners or to local people. This is not acceptable.”

David Kilgour’s speech to the Knesset of Israel

17 February, 2014

Honourable members of the Knesset,

Permit me to thank you for the welcome given to the recent delegation from Canada.  The visit and our prime minister’s address to the Knesset were widely reported across our country.

Permit me to repeat four excerpts from the speech:

“Canada supports Israel fundamentally because it is right to do so … The special friendship between Canada and Israel is rooted in shared values … Israel is the only country in the Middle East which has long anchored itself in the ideals of freedom, democracy and the rule of law … when (universal values) are threatened anywhere, they are threatened everywhere.”

When human dignity is denied in a major way in China, it can threaten us all, so I hope the legislators and peoples in both our countries will do what is correct without misplaced fear.

All of us in the international coalition to end organ pillaging/trafficking in China can be pleased that you’re holding this important hearing.

Time is urgent; I am certain that men and women convicted of nothing are currently being killed in China so that their vital organs can be sold.

Testimony of Ethan Gutmann – “Human Rights in China”

House International Relations Committee
Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 10:30 A.M.
2172 Rayburn House Office Building.

Mr. Chairman, thank you for inviting me to make a contribution to the Committee’s profoundly important work.

Approximately two months ago, your Committee heard representatives of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Cisco Systems defend their companies’ role in constructing China’s Internet. Simultaneously the Committee floated an extremely important draft – the Global Online Freedom Act of 2006 – which appeared to place this committee and the aforementioned companies on a collision course. Some commentators, particularly those searching for a middle way, characterized the Online Freedom Act as an “overreaction.” I don’t agree. I believe that it is better characterized as a tragedy.

I would guess that few people in this room actually desire intrusive government intervention and oversight of U.S. companies. I certainly don’t. I’m a former consultant to American corporations operating in China and a former vice-chair of the Government Relations Committee for the American Chamber of Commerce Beijing. I’m also a former believer in the concept that we would change China, not that China would change us.